I’m an adventure maniac! Let’s just get that out of the way first! I was never suited for the “normal” workplace. So about two years ago I quit my job and started pursuing my life of adventure!  

This vlog/blog is my story if you will, of how I’m surviving in this crazy world with no full-time job and barely any income! And yet, I am one of the happiest, most free-spirited people you’ll meet! And most importantly, how I’m achieving these things all while exploring the country and beyond!  

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Log clearing on the homestead

Jumping blindly into this chapter of life has led me into knowledge of the old ways of living as well as skills and stories that I can pass on to others for years to come!

Front porch of homestead

Leaping Into the Unknown

Snow Boarding at Ski Roundtop, Lewisberry PA

First Time Snowboarder!

654 miles "logged"

Vista on the standing stone trail PA

...And Counting!