Living a life of adventure!

Do you live your life day to day with that constant itch to embark on an epic adventure to places unknown? 

So often we get caught up in life and dig ourselves into a "we don't have the luxury to explore" mindset. Whether it's the excuse of family, bills, or work. We always seem to talk ourselves out of the life we want to live.

It is possible to have excitement and adventure even with the commonly perceived obstacles in your life. Let my journey inspire you to take that exciting weekend outing with the family!

We'll be exploring not only long distance trails, but also state and national parks with local attractions and exhibits! 

So whether you are single with all the time in the world or married with a family looking for fun places to camp and things to see with the kids... I have you covered! 

Follow the journey! Or become part of it with one of my guided "Backpacking + Bushcrafting 101" hikes!  

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